We all love our pets … tortoises can be lovable reptiles and be an important member of your family! Tortoises live for a long time, usually between 50 and 100 years, and their tough shell protects their bodies. Here at Touchwood, we thought tortoises deserved some TLC, so we set about creating timber products just for this treasured pet.
Touchwood Loves Tortoises
Tortoises are usually quiet, calm and solitary creatures. If you have a tortoise, then you’ll know it is not advisable to put two males together as this can stir up aggressive behaviour. They need a large, spacious, robust enclosure, so they have plenty of space to safely roam about in. In the warmer weather, tortoises like to be outside, although it is best to bring them inside as the sun sets. This means ensuring your outside area is completely safe, removing any poisonous plants, sharp objects and if you have a burrowing tortoise, making sure any fences are completely burrow proof. Tortoises need to feel secure and be safe from other animals such as curious cats or dogs and you should have a hide or sheltered area ready for them. Tortoises originate from warm to hot climates, so tortoise guardians might want to consider heat lamps for indoor usage. Their enclosures could also do with anti-climbing walls as these reptiles think they’re mountaineers at times! We took all these factors into consideration here at Touchwood Craft and we’ve come up with some handcrafted, skilfully designed and assembled products made from quality timber. All of them are made in our Covid-19 Secure workshop. We also wanted to give tortoise owners the option to buy affordable, well-constructed tortoise products so their pet has a safe and happy life.
Touchwood Tortoise Table
So, we are very proud of our Tortoise Tables, and range of specially made items. For our Tortoise Tables , we created designs which can be used inside and outside the home. Our spacious tables include two heat lamp arms, a Perspex viewing panel and a sheltered area on request. We can also finish this in a pet friendly varnish for easy wiping to help keep the tortoise enclosure as clean as possible. Our Tortoise Table can have some additional extras if needed including an anti-climbing wall, hiding box, full wooden lid and even a name plate. We have also created a Tortoise Table with a proper hide for shy or sleepy tortoises! Each table we create has a tortoise motif on each one, just in case any other pets get confused as to who it belong to!
Items in our range
Tortoise Travel Box
If you need to move your tortoise about, either from the outdoors into your home, or maybe to the vets, then our Tortoise Travel Box allows you to move them about with all his requirements. As with all our products, this travel box is handmade, and we use the finest wood to create a stunning box that has seamless smooth joints and space for the tortoise to be safely carried about. It has a close-fitting lid with an air hole and is embossed with a tortoise design.
Tortoise Name Plate
Never forget the tortoises name again! This handmade item is created from quality timber, features an embossed tortoise motif and space for the name of your own tortoise. This will be around for the rest of your tortoise’s life and is finished in a pet friendly and child friendly varnish so you can keep it clean.
Tortoise Weed Garden
Tortoises need a varied diet with plenty of nutrients to keep them healthy. What they don’t need is to nibble on a plant that’s been treated with weed killer or plants that doesn’t agree with them … and then become unwell! If you can let your tortoise roam safely in your garden or yarden, then a Tortoise Weed Garden allows you to grown stuff and keep it out of harm’s way. This gives you peace of mind if you like to let your tortoise explore and enjoy varied surroundings. There are some safe weeds and natural plants for tortoises, and you can ask your local pet store and garden centre for advice. Certain fruit and veg are not safe for a tortoise to discover and nibble, so the Tortoise Weed Garden, which includes growing shelves, means you can grow some items above the ground therefore out of the reach of your reptile. Also it’s great to stock up for winter.
We hope you’ve been inspired by these products! It might even persuade you to buy a tortoise, and if you do, make sure you do your research as these hardy creatures do get health issues from time to time. And they live for a very, very long time, as do our products, of course. Some tortoises outlive their owners so that’s something to consider. Once you’ve got your tortoise products, they are yours forever.