The Longest Month

January … surely it seems like one of the longest months of the year … 31 days, not much daylight and now the third national lockdown for the start of 2021 …
Yet for us, January is actually a wonderful month.
For the Touchwood Craft family, it is the birthday for our eldest daughter, who arrived safely in this world on 25th January.
And for any of you with Scottish blood running through your veins, Burns Night is also celebrated on 25th January.
The special date marks the birthday of Scottish poet Robert Burns (who wrote Auld Lang Syne).

How Touchwood Craft Got Its Name

If you have read a bit about us on our website, you will know we have a poignant story behind how we decided our business name.
When Chloe, one of two co-founders of the business, was 20 weeks pregnant with our first child, we were told that baby might not make it.
Naturally this was terrible news for us … but we never, ever gave up hope.
After all, where there is life, there is hope.
Chloe had seven weeks’ bed rest and every night we would say, “Touchwood, see you tomorrow.”
We are so grateful that baby made it on 25th January, and that she has a sister too, so we’ve been so very blessed.
When we decided to set up our joinery business, we always knew it would be called Touchwood Craft, after our lucky phrase.
However, that’s not the only connection to Burns Night here at Touchwood Craft.

The Scottish Influence

Keith, the other co-founder of Touchwood Craft, was born and bred in Scotland.
A proud race, the folks of Scotland celebrate Burns Night with gusto.
This includes a sumptuous supper of delicious food and drink, which is a definite plus in our household!
The first Burns supper was held in 1801 when five of the poet’s closest friends got together to mark the fifth anniversary of his death.
It was such a success, the rest, as they say, is history.
The ceremonial meal includes the Selkirk Grace at the start, haggis which is brought with bagpipes playing and is addressed by the host, recitals of Burns’ poetry and of course Auld Lang Syne to end the night.
The menu should also include neeps and tatties, cock-a-leekie soup and cranachan. Yum!