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Tortoise Timber Creations

We all love our pets … tortoises can be lovable reptiles and be an important member of your family! Tortoises live for a long time, usually between 50 and 100 years, and their tough shell protects their bodies. Here at Touchwood, we thought tortoises deserved some...

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Touchwood … The Journey Our Timber Makes

Welcome to our third blog from Touchwood Craft! This month, we thought we would tell you all about the journey made by some of the timber we use. We would like to describe the journey it takes from growing in a forest to arriving in our workshop. Many of us take for...

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The Longest Month

The Longest Month January … surely it seems like one of the longest months of the year … 31 days, not much daylight and now the third national lockdown for the start of 2021 … Yet for us, January is actually a wonderful month. For the Touchwood Craft family, it is the...

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